Pauls Valley Police Arrest Missouri Double Murder Suspect

Wednesday, October 10th 2018, 10:41 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

A man wanted in connection to a double murder in Missouri was arrested in Pauls Valley, Tuesday morning.

Over 20 law enforcement officers surrounded a home off Kerr Avenue and took Billy Sage Medley into custody without incident.

Medley’s girlfriend, Athena Venable, was also arrested at the scene.

Investigators said Medley and Venable escaped Missouri together and have been on the run for weeks.

“Do to the fact that this gentleman had already killed two people and made statements to Missouri authorities that he was not going back to jail. That he would kill anybody that got in his way... I made the decision at that time to contact OHP’s tact team,” Pauls Valley Police Chief Mitch McGill said.

Medley is accused of killing Joe and Brandy Allen of Tunas, Missouri on September 30.

Deputies believe the victims walked-in on a burglary in progress, and that’s when they were killed.

It appeared the accused thieves were trying to steal two vehicles that belonged to the Allen family. An El Camino was found high-centered in the driveway, while the family’s pick-up truck was located a few miles away, according to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

The victim’s 18-year old son said he and his 14-year old sibling must now go through life without a parent.

“I just want him dead to be honest with you. I don't want these people to be alive anymore. They don't need to be out on the streets,” said Tanner Allen. “I don't believe the people knew them.”

Police say they were able to track a cellphone that led them to the suspects.

Medley grew up in Canadian County according to officers and had connections to Pauls Valley. He has been sent back to Missouri, according to staff at the Garvin County Jail.

However, investigators said Venable, and another person arrested at the home, will now face charges in Oklahoma.

“The girlfriend that has been with him since they left Missouri is obviously looking at some harboring charges here in Oklahoma, along with the homeowner,” Chief McGill said.

Pauls Valley Police Department confirmed officers recovered a gun at the scene that belonged to one of the deceased victims in Missouri.