Burglars Break Into Metro Residents Vehicles

Wednesday, October 10th 2018, 10:55 pm
By: News 9

A couple of metro residents are without piece of mind after burglars broke into their vehicles overnight. 

The burglaries were reported in The Oaks neighborhood near East Memorial Road and North Eastern Avenue.

“We came out to our car and there was glass all over the driveway,” resident Jennifer Higley said.

Higley and her parents were sound asleep when she says someone crept up their driveway and shattered her father's car window.

“Obviously we were very shocked,” Higley said.

The thief or thieves made off with her father's briefcase, and while its contents weren’t of significant value, Higley says her father is still out of a lot of money.

“For the window it’s a $500 deductible,” Higley said.

Higley believes someone was prowling the neighborhood, looking into car windows. She said just down the street the burglar scored big after breaking into another car.

“That other neighbor had $6000 worth of camera equipment in the back of his car and all that got stolen,” Higley said.

Higley said since the break-in her parents have taken extra security measures in hopes of catching a criminal should they ever come back.

“We do have cameras but we’re going to put a camera up facing another direction in the house,” Higley said.

Higley said should they return, she might be waiting.

“I was very upset, I feel very protective of my parents, so the fact that I couldn’t protect them kind of makes me want to sit up all night on the porch and see if anyone wants to come and they have to mess with me first,” Higley said.