Gubernatorial Campaign Finances Coming Down To The Wire

Thursday, October 11th 2018, 9:13 am
By: Grant Hermes

This race for governor is on track to be the most expensive race for governor in Oklahoma, if it hasn't hit that limit already. Recent estimates put the total campaign, from primary to general, at more than $16 million.

According to the state campaign finance reporting, Republican Kevin Stitt’s campaign has brought in about $6.5 million. Stitt himself contributed about 1/3 of that. His campaign so far has spent about $6 million with about $500,000 left for a final push.

Behind him is Drew Edmondson. His campaign has raised about $2 million and only spent about half of that. It's a surprising amount given the fact he didn't have as tough of a primary as Stitt, his main opponent. Primaries have a tendency to bleed candidate funding the longer they drag on and the uglier they get.

Finally Libertarian candidate Chris Powell came in far below his opponents only raising about $10,000 and spending about $7,000.

These totals are the most recent numbers sent to the state ethics commission, but they were from before the runoff election in August which means the governor’s race has likely brought in or spent even more money. The next filing deadline is October 22.