Peeping Tom Confronted After Videoing Teens At Metro Mall

Monday, October 15th 2018, 6:29 pm
By: News 9

A suspected peeping Tom is caught in the act at a metro mall.

An alert customer witnessed the man recording teenagers changing at a store in Quail Springs Mall on Saturday.  

Police are now warning the public to be aware of their surroundings while in public places.

The teenage girls were with a parent inside the PacSun store trying on clothes. Another customer witnessed a suspicious man with a phone by the dressing rooms.  

“They were able to alert the girls,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Alert the mother of the girls that this was going on.”

The shopper then told store employees that the suspected peeping Tom appeared to be recording video of the teens as they were changing. 

“Apparently they were completely unaware this guy was even there shooting video of them,” said Knight.

A store employee confronted the man and told police he casually left the store without saying anything. The suspect then kept his face covered as he walked through the mall.

“Officers went back and tried to look over surveillance video,” said Knight. “They were unable to get a good look at him.”

Police commend the customer who alerted the teen victims, and said the incident is a reminder for shoppers to stay on guard at all times.

“Anytime you’re in public like this and you’re going to be in a dressing room to change clothes,” said Knight. “Just make sure there’s nobody around that’s going to do something like this.”

The suspect was not arrested, and customers told officers the man was 30 to 40-years-of age, wearing a green Oakland A's hat, green shirt, khaki shorts and black knee-high socks.