Thieves Steal Credit Card Information From Newalla Grocery Store

Wednesday, October 17th 2018, 1:07 am
By: News 9

Police are investigating after more than 20 people reported their credit and debit cards had been compromised.

Investigators are now looking for the two men believed responsible.

The common thread between the victims is the Stella Grocery in Newalla, Oklahoma located on Southeast 149th Street and South Peebly Road.

Detectives say that the victims used either the store's ATM or credit card machine.

“By the end of the day yesterday, I had about 16 or so reports from different victims. And as of now, I'm up to probably around 25,” Detective Jason Crouch with Shawnee Police Department said.

Authorities released surveillance video Tuesday.

The video shows two men in a minivan inserting card after card and withdrawing money from multiple accounts.

Most were $140 to $500.

Police say no one's cards were taken out of their possession. Instead, the suspects put the information on the magnetic strip of blank cards.

The withdrawals were mostly made at two different First United Bank ATM's in Shawnee.

How the thieves obtained the information from Stella Grocery, is still being investigated.

“Whether they were using skimmers, or whether they were using some other device to gather the information,” Detective Crouch said.

And police are still trying to figure out how the suspects acquired the victims pin numbers.

Shawnee Police asks that if you do recognize the suspects, to contact them immediately.

Stella Grocery has disabled their ATM and will continue to cooperate with police in the investigation.