Senior Citizen Loses Thousands In Fake OKC Police Scam

Thursday, October 18th 2018, 5:50 pm

A bold and elaborate scam has left an Oklahoma City senior citizen out $15,000.

Don Johnson, 76, says he is embarrassed to be a victim.

“If they catch you off guard, it can happen to anyone,” Johnson said.

Johnson says in early October, a man and woman showed up at his house disguised as police officers.

“A man and a woman of color, it must have been a Honda or Nissan, and they were both wearing black and had badges like police officers,” Johnson said.

Police say the suspects told Johnson he was going to go to jail unless he gave them thousands of dollars right away.

“I panicked. I thought they were police officers,” Johnson said.

Johnson took the fake officers to three area bank branches and gave them $15,000.

According to the victim, the suspects promised to return his money in the evening.

However, a little after the suspects took off, Johnson says he realized he wasn't getting his money back. 

Oklahoma City Police showed up to Johnson’s house to investigate.

“We want the public to know that this was a scam. If anybody ever approaches you claiming to be law enforcement, demanding money, please know that that's a scam,” Oklahoma City Officer Megan Morgan said.

Morgan recommends calling 911 any time you question an officer's legitimacy.

While Johnson only came face to face with two suspects, police say five people could have been in on the scam.

“This is something that was obviously planned out,” Morgan said.

Surveillance video captured an image of one of the alleged scammers.

Officers ask that anyone with information on the crime or suspects call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.

Johnson says he hopes the actual police find the fake officers before they take advantage of someone else.