Tulsa Dentist Sentenced To Life In Prison After Convicted Of Killing OKC Baby

Friday, October 19th 2018, 11:28 am
By: News 9

The Tulsa dentist convicted of killing his girlfriend's baby has been sentenced to life in prison.

Bert Franklin was convicted in September of killing 19-month-old Lincoln Lewis in 2016 and soliciting a murder hit on the child's mother while he was in Oklahoma County jail.

“I just made sure I went over everything that happened and what a threat he is to myself and my family. And the community, and babies,” said Roxanne Randall, the victim’s mother, said.

Lincoln was born premature, and struggled with health issues during his short life.

“And just as he was getting to the point to where life was becoming normal for him, his path crossed with Bert Franklin,” said Oklahoma County Assistant District Attorney Gayland Gieger.

Randall shared with the courtroom that Franklin was eating a deep dish pizza as he was murdering her son.

Jurors were also presented evidence, including home surveillance and recorded conversations from a phone smuggled into the Oklahoma County Jail for Franklin.

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Friday, October 19, the judge upheld the jury's sentencing recommendations.

Franklin was sentenced to two life sentences which will be served consecutively and will pay about $13,000 in restitution. 

Franklin showed no signs of remorse throughout the entire trial.

“Just relieved with the verdict. With the sentence and that he will never, never be out of prison,” said Randall.

Randall also posted the following statement on Facebook after the sentencing: