Truth Test: Vice President Pence Tells Truths, Falsehoods In Tulsa

Monday, October 22nd 2018, 8:24 am
By: Grant Hermes

With two weeks to the midterms, the candidates for governor are hoping last-minute events will push them to victory.

For Republican Kevin Stitt, that push was a visit and endorsement from Vice President Mike Pence. We're starting this week with the claims Pence made -- some true some false -- about Democrat Drew Edmondson in a Vice Presidential edition of Truth Test.

On his stop in Tulsa for Kevin Stitt, Vice President Mike Pence had a lot to say. But it was his claims about Drew Edmondson that caught our attention.

"Drew Edmondson wants to raise taxes on income. Wants to raise taxes on cigarettes. He wants to raise taxes on oil and gas. He wants to raise the sales tax," Pence said. "He actually wants to raise taxes on Oklahoma farmers and ranchers. In fact, when Drew Edmondson was attorney general, he refused to challenge Obamacare."

OK, so that was a lot, but it's not all true. We'll get to Obamacare in a minute. But first, which taxes are a part of Edmondson's plan?

According to his website, Edmondson does want to raise taxes on cigarettes and raise the gross production tax on oil and gas back to 7 percent. The Vice President gets two true ratings for those. But nowhere in Edmondson's plan does it say he wants to raise the sales tax or the state income tax. So, sorry, Mr. Vice President, both of those are false.

How about taxing farmers and ranchers? That's misleading.

Edmondson wants to get rid of the capital gains tax deduction, which affects Oklahomans who make more than $1 million a year, and it could affect some larger farmers and ranchers who use the deduction for livestock. Pence and the Stitt campaign have tried to link that part of Edmondson's plan to a hike in income taxes, but it's a stretch.

What about Obamacare? That's true, but it's a little complicated.

In 2009, Edmondson signed a letter with 14 Republican Attorneys General questioning the Obama Administration about whether the Affordable Care Act was legal. But he changed his position and decided not to challenge the law after it passed, making the choice just before he was about to run for governor in 2010.

So, was the Vice President telling the truth in Tulsa?

We'll give him three "trues," two "false" ratings and one "misleading."

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