Truth Test: Truths And Half-Truths About Drew Edmondson's Funding

Wednesday, October 24th 2018, 10:05 am
By: Grant Hermes

This week's 'Truth Test' will focus on claims being made about and by Democrat Drew Edmondson. 

This is a part of the latest attack ad blitz against Drew Edmondson, but not from the Kevin Stitt campaign. Instead this ad is one of several from an outside group supporting Republicans across the country.

Supporters of Stitt are doubling down attacking Edmondson's Democratic record. There are four claims in the ad, but we're going to take the first three at the same time.

“He supported Barack Obama for President. Twice. And then he supported Hillary Clinton for President,” the ad’s narrator said.

Obviously all of that is true. A Democrat, supporting surprises there. What we really care about is the next claim.

“It's no wonder liberal groups from Washington are flooding Oklahoma with money supporting him,” the ad said.

Are liberal outside groups flooding the market? No. But they are spending some money here. Let's break this apart.

The ad points to an article in the Oklahoman which points to a tweet from the group Advertising Analytics. Ad Analytics shows Stronger Oklahoma has spent about $778,000 on the governor's race so far. Stronger Oklahoma is a group set up by the Democratic Governors Association.

So far, the race for governor in Oklahoma has netted more than $16 Million. So, spending less than a million is hardly "flooding" the state.

There's still money from outside groups supporting Edmondson, just not as much as the ad wants you to believe. We'll give this ad one True rating for the endorsement claims and one misleading.

One more part of the ad decries spending from out-of-state groups, but it's funded by the Republican Governors Association, an out-of-state group. So, the ad isn't just misleading it also has a healthy dose of hypocrisy.

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