Earlsboro Police Chief Accused Of Trashing Rental Home

Thursday, October 25th 2018, 6:27 pm

An elderly Earlsboro couple says their rental home, badly damaged by their tenant, will have to be torn down. That tenant is the chief of police. 

The smell was so bad inside the house our News 9 crew had to step out every couple of minutes, because it was overwhelming.

Furniture is flipped over, there are cigarette butts all over the place and the carpet is covered with the animal urine.

Also, there are cockroaches all over the walls.

The dinner table is covered in rodent droppings.

But the worst is the refrigerator. When you open it up, there are hundreds maybe thousands of cockroaches and maggots inside.

“They was all along the walls in here. And they would literally drop on your head when you open that door,” said Landlord Tommy Brandon.

Brandon says the cockroach infestation is so bad, even three visits by the exterminator hasn’t gotten rid of them.

The house is filled with trash.

“This was nice Berber carpet. I mean it was nice. A real light gray. Kind of a blue gray,” said Brandon.

His wife, Michelle Tallchief added, “We lived in this house. He refinished those beautiful wood floors and one of the rooms. The carpet is beautiful. We played with grandkids on the carpet. It was our home for a while. I loved that house.”

The couple is getting older and their health isn’t the best, so they figured renting to Police Chief Troy Magers and his family was a good idea. After all, they thought, the police chief wouldn’t trash the place. Boy were they wrong.

“We cared about these people. They were in our home. They I thought that they were friends,” said Tallchief.

“It’s the worst thing that I’ve seen in renting property. I’ve rented rental property for 35 years. It’s absolutely 50 times worse than any house I’ve ever seen,” added Brandon.

News 9’s Aaron Brilbeck confronted the chief. But Chief Magers went to his office and locked the door. 

The mayor told News 9, “He won’t come out. His lawyer advised him not to talk to you guys.”

The homeowners say repairing the damage will cost more than the home is worth.

“After it’s all done and over, it will have to go to the ground. We will have to burn it,” said Brandon.

“And that’s a shameful. It’s shocking. It’s all of those words,” said Tallchief.