Truth Test: Edmondson Ad Earns Mixed Ratings

Friday, October 26th 2018, 9:36 am
By: Grant Hermes

As the campaign season heads into its final week, a new ad from the Drew Edmondson campaign blends the positive and the negative.

The ad is unique because of its blended structure but it’s also unique because it gets at least one of each kind of Truth Test rating.

Here’s the first claim.

“No tax increase on Oklahoma families,” Edmondson said in the ad.

While Edmondson is likely referring to another portion of his plan, he isn't telling the whole truth.

Edmondson's plan calls for a .50 tax increase on cigarettes, which would be paid for by Oklahomans who smoke and likely have families. There are also some who argue his promise to end the capital gains tax deduction is a form of adding a tax. We've tested that before and it's a stretch.

But because his plan includes an outright raise in taxes, we'll give this claim a rating of false.

Here's the rest about Edmondson's plan.

“No increase in income taxes, cut waste and end the special tax break for oil and gas companies,” Edmondson said in the ad.

How about these? Two are true and one couldn’t be tested.

Edmondson's plan according to both campaign statements and his website, is to restore the gross production tax on oil and gas to 7% like it was several decades ago. He also makes it clear he doesn't plan to raise the income tax.

We couldn't test Edmondson's claim about cutting waste, neither on his website or in repeated campaign statements has he made it clear how he would cut government waste.

That leads us to our next claim, this one about Kevin Stitt's plan.

“Kevin Stitt's tax plan would hit you,” the ad claims. “Urging municipalities to hike property taxes.”

Would Stitt urge districts to raise their property taxes? Not quite. Here's his plan.

In statements and on his website, Stitt promises to give teachers a $5,000 signing bonus and give them a pay raise. He also supports plans like State Question 801 which would let school districts use property taxes to pay teachers.

He's also repeatedly said he's opposed to raising taxes, but wouldn't get in the way of a district, city or county that would. So, to say his plan would urge a district to raise taxes is misleading.

Overall we'll give this ad from Drew Edmondson one False, one True and one misleading.

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