WATCH: Bethany Pursuit Suspect Arrested, Taken Down With Taser

Friday, October 26th 2018, 10:54 am
By: News 9

Bethany Police took a man into custody on Friday morning after he led officers on a wild vehicle pursuit and foot chase.

Police said Victor Ramirez, 28, was intoxicated and driving a stolen truck.

A driver spotted Ramirez in Bethany driving erratically on Council Road. The driver followed Ramirez and called 911.

911 Caller: “Just wiped out four lanes of traffic, missed two water hydrants and he’s continuing on south on Council Road.”

When Bethany Police attempted to pull over Ramirez, he sped up and led officers on a high-speed pursuit down Council Road.

Officers noticed he had a passenger, now identified as 20-year-old Marijon Ramirez.

The chase eventually came to a crashing end near Southwest 59th. 

“The driver attempted to make a left-hand turn,” said Deputy Chief John Reid, Bethany Police Department. “At which time he lost control and ended up crashing in the cemetery.”

Ramirez plowed over more than a dozen headstones at the Pleasant Valley Cemetery and left deep tire ruts in the ground before coming to a stop.

Jim Gardner & Bob Mills Sky News 9 followed Ramirez as he ran from the scene. Officers eventually closed in on him and brought him down with a taser.   

“After the crash here,” said Reid. “He ran approximately a mile south and east from here. I imagine he is worn smooth out.”      

Police said the female passenger was the only person injured in the pursuit and crash. She was taken to the hospital and treated for arm injuries.

“Pursuits are the scariest thing that we deal with,” said Reid. “That’s just because of the danger involved in them and we’re always thankful when they end with a citizen not being hurt.”

Police said Ramirez will face multiple charges stemming from chase.