Exclusive News 9 Poll Shows Congressman Steve Russell Has Strong Lead

Wednesday, October 31st 2018, 6:10 pm
By: Karl Torp

The latest exclusive News 9 poll shows a clear front-runner in the race for the Oklahoma City congressional seat.

Incumbent Republican Steve Russell won the election in 2014 and re-election two years later by at least a 20 percent advantage.

Challenger Kendra Horn is trying to turn Congressional District 5 Democrat for the first time since 1974.

Horn, whose run non-profits and has been in the aerospace industry, has been fighting hard for the seat.

Throughout the country, Democrats have been successful in urban cores and suburban areas.

“Women in suburban areas are beginning to vote Democratic, but that's not translating to Edmond right now. It’s not translating to south OKC,” says Soonerpoll.com’s Bill Shapard about the latest numbers.

Horn has successfully raised money and has gone on the attack.

However, according to the latest News 9 poll, Russell still has a strong lead with 48.6 percent of the 440 people surveyed.

Horn received 37.1 percent of the vote.

The number of undecided voters provides some hope to the challenger.

Less than a week from Election Day, 14.3 percent of those surveyed have not made up their minds of who will get their votes.

“She’s raised a lot of money, and she has spent a lot of money. But the time for this district to turn blue is just not there yet,” says Shapard.

See below for complete poll results:

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