Medical Marijuana Growing Class Draws Crowd In Edmond

Saturday, November 3rd 2018, 11:11 pm

A local store was overwhelmed by the turnout for a medical marijuana growing class Saturday.

Redbud Hydroponics in Edmond opened soon after State Question 788 passed.

Owner Christina Hays says they sell everything needed for patients to grow their own medical marijuana.

“We have noticed a huge variety. We have people that come in that have never grown before, don't know anything about the plant,” Hays said.

Constant questions from new customers prompted Hays to host a free growing class.

“We're very surprised. We didn't think we were going to get this big of a turnout,” Hays said.

Local farmer Ben Schons shared his knowledge of the plant with attendees.

Schons says he prefers growing to buying.

“They're still up in the air with dispensaries. Prices are high, so it's cheaper to get a home grow. You know exactly what's going in your medicine,” Schons said.

Schons also advises students to be patient and pay for the right supplies. But he says the inquiries are endless.