OKC Husband Upset Over Charges In Crash That Killed Wife

Monday, November 5th 2018, 11:36 pm
By: News 9

The driver accused in a fatal head-on collision is facing first-degree manslaughter charges.

Investigators said that Logan Reed, 22, was under the influence of alcohol in September when his truck struck Donna Potvin's SUV, killing her.

"She’d come kiss me on the cheek and say, 'Bye, baby. I love you.' I said, 'Baby, I love you,' (and) 15 minutes later, she was gone," said Donna’s husband, Victor Potvin.

Victor said his wife Donna was headed in to work just before 4:00 am when Reed's pickup came barreling toward her.

“He never slowed down. He was doing 83 miles an hour. He never hit his brakes; she hit hers two seconds before impact,” Potvin said.

Potvin said he later learned Reed had been drinking that night, and that friends tried to stop him from driving.

“He gets up to leave. They try to take his keys. They try to get him to stay. He had a choice; he could have stayed right there,” Potvin said. 

Records show Reed tested more than two times the legal drinking limit to drive. Potvin said that Donna was a stickler for sober driving and was not one to risk her life or anyone else's over a drink.

“We would go out to dinner and have drinks, and we’d Uber both ways, I have the biggest tab with Uber imaginable for that reason, because not even once,” Potvin said.

Potvin said because of Reed's actions that night, he and his family are left holding on to memories.

“She was always soft spoken, and that big smile was all the time. She was kind, compassionate; she was always nice,” Potvin said.

Reed was hospitalized in critical condition and has since been released. In April, he was convicted of driving under revocation, according to court records.