Governor-Elect Kevin Stitt Visits State Capitol

Wednesday, November 7th 2018, 7:24 pm

Less than 24 hours after being elected as Oklahoma’s next governor, Republican Kevin Stitt made his way to the state Capitol.

Governor Mary Fallin confirmed she met with Stitt in her office to help him make the transition.

“It starts today, reaching out to the leadership, meeting with the House and the Senate. I cannot do it by myself. We have got to layout that bold agenda. That's what we are working on right now, and so we will have the legislative agenda ready to go on January 14th,” said Stitt.

Fallin and Stitt met in private.

However, Senate Pro Tem Designate Greg Treat said he believes the new administration has been given the right pieces to build efficient and effective government.

“It's not all great, but our budget picture is a ton better than it has been in the past years. He is coming in at a good time. He says Oklahoma's turn around starts right here, right now. And I think we have a great opportunity to do that,” said Treat.

Stitt said his administration will focus on diversifying economic interests, infrastructure and funding education.

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Governor Fallin offered a few words of advice last night at Stitt victory party.

“When I came into office, we had a 6.2 percent unemployment, and we only had $2.03 in our bank account. And, we lost a lot of jobs back in 2011,” Governor Fallin said. “We are leaving him with almost half a billion in savings and a 3.5 percent unemployment rate. So, my advice would be, do everything we need to do to keep our budget structurally sound.”

News 9 will cover the inauguration in January.