Oklahoma Experts On Cold Weather Survival

Monday, November 12th 2018, 10:07 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

Experts say the big thing to remember Monday night and throughout the winter is preparation is key.

“Bundle up the best you can and put on layers. And stay out of it if you don't need to be out in it,” EMSA Field Operations Supervisor Colin Roy said.

Roy says the very young and very old need extra layers.

“Their bodies just don't react to the extremes as well as the other age groups, and so you've definitely got to keep a closer eye on them,” Roy said.

The EMSA supervisor also recommends having extra layers ready in the car.

“Keep blankets in the car this time of year, because there are times where you might get stranded,” Roy said.

Protecting homes is also a concern.

As temperatures dip below freezing, pipes are at risk for bursting.

Operations Manager at Mullin Plumbing Daniel Ice says on a bad day, he can receive hundreds of calls.

“It doesn't take very long at all with the wind chills we have here,” Ice said.

Ice recommends making sure outdoor faucets aren't leaking.

“If it's not dripping, you can cover it with little plastic covers to keep the wind from freezing the lines,” Ice said.

For indoor faucets, Ice says it’s best to leave a steady stream running or keep the cabinets open.