Norman Woman Battered And Bruised After Walmart Parking Lot Attack

Tuesday, November 13th 2018, 11:00 pm
By: News 9

A Norman woman was left battered and bruised after fighting off a purse snatcher inside a Walmart parking lot.

Police say the attack happened around 9:30 Monday night near 12th Avenue Northeast and East Main Street.

“I came here to Walmart to buy the kids some more gloves,” Jessica Jones said.

Jessica Jones' routine trip to Walmart took a frightening turn. Jones says she was just about to get inside her SUV when a red sedan pulled in behind her and a man exited.

“I see him stop at this point behind my car and I’m like nope, and he was right here yanking me out,” Jones said.

Jones says the man immediately threw her to the ground.

“I took a couple punches and kicks. I got punched in the nose,” Jones said.

Jones says the fight dragged on and moved from her SUV to his car that was captured on surveillance video.

“He was trying to get me in his car, he had me by my jacket and purse strap,” Jones said.

This mother of three says despite her small frame she was determined to break free.

“The only thing that was really going through my mind was I have to fight hard and I’m not leaving with this person, I have to get back to my kids,” Jones said.

She says her kicking and screaming paid off.

“I think he was caught by surprise, he probably wanted my purse and probably didn’t expect a fight,” Jones said.

After her purse strap broke, Jones says the thief drove off with her empty purse. She says during the struggle he dropped her phone and wallet.

Norman police are now working to identify the suspect.