Bolton On Defense: ‘Some Of The Stuff Makes Me Sick To My Stomach Watching’

Tuesday, November 13th 2018, 11:59 pm
By: Brian Mueller

In the week Lincoln Riley changed defensive coordinators, he said his defense was close to turning the corner.

A month later, close is still the word the team is using, which is more of a problem now since we're close to the end of the season.

Ruffin McNeil has preached effort with his defense…and it's showed up in big moments sometimes, like in the Bedlam-turning forced fumble by Curtis Bolton.

But according to junior cornerback Parnell Motley, the effort still isn't where it needs to be.

"It's kind of odd, what you see from game one to game ten, you kind of picture things more evolved and things getting better," said Motley. "But every week we're kind of hit and miss with the effort. At the end of the day, we just keep preaching it, keeping fighting, keep practicing it each and every day."

Redshirt senior linebacker Curtis Bolton said, "It's not showing up on Saturday like I hoped it would. These last two weeks have been pretty rough, it's been pretty hard to watch on film. Some of the stuff just makes me sick to my stomach watching."

One thing that should make Curtis feel better is playing Kansas. The Jayhawks haven't won a road conference game in 10 years.

Kickoff is 6:30 Saturday in Norman.