Purcell Boy Returns Home From Hospital Months After Nearly Drowning

Thursday, November 15th 2018, 7:25 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

It was a real-life happy ending Thursday for a Purcell boy returning home after months in the hospital.

Talen Snow was escorted from Bethany Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital to his front door by several police officers and firefighters.

The last time sirens rang toward Talen’s home, it was a heartbreaking emergency.

In August the three-year-old fell into a murky pool.              

“He was under water without a heartbeat, no brain activity,” Talen’s mother Amberlee said.

Three Purcell officers rushed to the home, jumped in the pool, found Talen and began CPR.

The officers saved the boy’s life by seconds.

Thursday, Talen came home from the hospital for the first time with his rescuers ready to greet him.              

“It's amazing. It's amazing when they opened up the car door and he jumped out and started running up to the front of the house,” Corporal John Albertson said.

Talen still has plenty of recovery left, but he can now walk and interact with his twin brother.

“I don't think we're heroes. The hero is that little boy right there. The miracle, I mean, he was lifeless when we saw him last.” Deputy Sheriff Rick Adkins said.

The three officers received life-saving awards from the police chief for helping Talen

“He was gone. They brought him back. He's here. He's Talen again. He's all there. He's himself, his happy ornery self. So, I couldn't ask for anything better than that,” Amberlee said.