Oklahomans Line Up For Medical Marijuana Patient Drive

Sunday, November 18th 2018, 7:24 pm
By: News 9

More than 150 people lined up in Northwest Oklahoma City on Sunday, seeking a medical marijuana license. It’s one of the first medicinal cannabis patient drives to be held in the state.

“I'm a PTSD patient, pain and insomnia, anxiety,” said John Frasure.

A list of conditions that warranted an even longer list of pharmaceutical drugs.

“I was taken 5,500 pills a year four years ago. I was taking six 10 mg Hydrocodones, I'd take four Xanax a day, I’d take clonidine, Seroquel, and Neurontin,” said Frasure, a medical marijuana patient. “I was taking the usual salad of drugs”

Now he has his medical marijuana license and he hopes to educate others who want to follow his lead.

“Those opiates are a shotgun effect. I was so doped up from those drugs, I didn't care,” he said. “Well, I care now. I care about me, I care about my family and I care about all the patients that need marijuana.”

Voters passed State Question 788 back in in June, legalizing medical marijuana in the Oklahoma. Since August, the state has approved thousands of online patient applications. Those attending Sunday’s patient drive hope to be added to the growing list.

“It's just to help people that can't do it by themselves,” said Samantha Richardson with Strange Leaf Dispensary, one of the sponsors of the event. “We wanted to make sure that if they have an interest in being able to use medicinal cannibals, that that interest would be met.”

Four Oklahoma doctors came in to offer free recommendation letters to these potential patients.

“Typically, patients are paying anywhere from 100 to 200 to 250 dollars sometimes for these evaluations,” said Corey Hunt with Ounce Magazine and a volunteer for the event. “I've never seen somewhere where doctors are coming together so quick after the state votes and patients are getting free evaluations.”

And in turn they hope to help a growing industry.

“There's a lot of folks that just got licenses to either grow, process or sell medical cannabis to critically ill patients so they really need an industry that's going to grow fast for them,” said Hunt.

Once patients receive the doctor’s recommendation letter, volunteers helped them file their applications online. Strange Leaf Dispensary, Guerilla Grow, Simple Cure and Ounce magazine sponsored the event.

A doctor’s recommendation letter must be submitted with the application. The application fee is $100. If approved, the patient should receive an identification number in the mail within 14 days. The license is good for two years and allows the patient to buy, use and grow medical marijuana.

For more information about obtaining a medical marijuana license, click here