Okla. County Sheriff's Deputy Thankful For Support After Fire Destroys Apartment

Monday, November 19th 2018, 10:27 pm
By: News 9

This Thanksgiving, an Oklahoma County sheriff's deputy is grateful for the generosity of others.

Deputy Paul Compton's apartment was destroyed along with dozens of others in a massive blaze last week in NW Oklahoma City. Since then, he says he’s been touched by an outpouring of support.

Last week, Compton was returning from out of town when his apartment manager called and broke the news.

“They wanted to make sure that I was okay from the fire. I asked them, ‘What fire?’ And they explained to me that my apartment building was on fire,” said Compton.

Shortly later, he says he drove up and found what was left of his home and belongings.

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“Shocked. I was shocked because everything that you work hard for can be gone in a second,” said Compton.

He said like so many others, all he could was watch and wait.

“I saw nothing but fire trucks lines up, loved ones out there holding their heads. I couldn’t believe it,” said Compton.

Compton says when the smoke cleared, firefighters gave him the devastating news.

“Firefighters just told me that basically it was black mud, watered down ashes. Basically, everything was unsalvageable,” said Compton.  

And while Compton says the loss is devastating, he's grateful he wasn't home when the fire erupted.

“One of the biggest things is me and my son weren’t there when it happened,” said Compton.  

Since the fire, Compton has been touched by kindness. Fellow law enforcement started a GoFundMe page to help him rebuild what he and his son lost.

He says their generosity has been overwhelming.

“I had over 30-40 phone calls from people making sure I was okay. Then, what do you need? A place to stay? Do you need food? Do you need this for you son?” said Compton.  

While Compton is grateful for the help he's received, he’s now asking that his fellow tenants also get the same assistance.

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