Oklahoma Advocacy Group Plans To Sue OSDH Over Medical Marijuana Addresses

Tuesday, November 20th 2018, 5:34 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

The controversy over putting addresses of medical marijuana growers on a state website may not be over. The Medical Marijuana Authority has removed them, but now some public information advocates are upset.

The head of the group “Oklahomans for Transparency” says if the Oklahoma State Department of Health doesn't put those addresses back on their website by next week, they will be filing a lawsuit.

46Relief has asked News 9 not to reveal where they have their grow facility and lab and they would prefer the state do the same. 

“Man, just everybody knowing is a pretty bad deal,” said Jason “Giddy Up” Emo.

The Medical Marijuana Authority says they originally posted the names and addresses of growers and processors on their website as a courtesy. But Emo says who they were really helping is criminals.

“It creates a very unsafe environment not just for the people who work in our facilities, but our neighbors,” said Emo.

The Medical Marijuana Authority says when growers applied they had to agree to OSDH posting their information. But they still agreed to remove the addresses.

“To address those concerns, we have removed the address of both grower and processors on the online list. That being said, that information is still public record through an open records request,” said Melissa Miller with MMA.

While some public information advocates say that's a good compromise, others say OSDH routinely publishes information of licensees, such as the food service industry and the cannabis industry, is getting special treatment.

Emo, however, worries it's out there at all.

“I’m happy they recognized they made a mistake and took it off,” he said. “The damage has already been done. The information is already out there.”

OSDH says they have already had several requests for the information.