Police Investigate Homicide At SW OKC Gas Station

Monday, November 26th 2018, 4:29 am
By: Ashley Holden

One person is dead following a violent carjacking on the southwest side of the city.

Police said two people were shot during the incident Saturday evening outside a 7-11 convenience store near I-240 and Walker.

When officers arrived they found a male and female victim in serious to critical condition. Quickly after, officers said a man was acting strangely in a church parking lot on South Walker Avenue.

He then took off before police arrived.

But minutes later, officers found the victims' stolen car near southwest 49th Street and south Ollie Avenue. The driver had crashed the vehicle into another car.

Police detained the suspect driving the car. Officers questioned the suspect and he was booked into the Oklahoma County jail. Investigators said they found firearms in the stolen car at that final location.

 A female victim was transported to the hospital with critical injuries. The victim was identified as Chiquita Jones.

A male victim was confirmed dead Monday. The victim was identified as Jessie Marion Myers.

The suspect was identified as Eric Deon Hardesty, 52.