Some Black Friday Shoppers In OKC May Have Been Overcharged

Tuesday, November 27th 2018, 5:42 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

If you did some Black Friday shopping at Kohl's, you may want to check your bank and/or credit card accounts. You might have been overcharged.

According to Kohl's, they were having computer problems during the Black Friday event, and as a result, shoppers may have been charged several times for the same purchase.

Thursday evening, right in the midst of all the Black Friday madness, Amber Hildenbrand was at Kohl's.

“We waited in line for over an hour,” she said.

She was buying Christmas gifts for her daughter.

“Their credit card machine ended up not working at almost all the registers,” she said.

Hildenbrand was trying to use her debit card.  

A Kohl’s spokesperson said “intermittent technology issues that may have interfered with some customers' ability to check out quickly and easily. Our teams worked quickly to address and resolve. We apologize to any customers for this experience.”

“They kept telling us to put it in, keep putting it in until it takes it,” said Hildenbrand.

Hildenbrand only tried to swipe once and then decided to just pay cash. Her sister-in-law was with her and tried swiping her card several times.

“The next morning, I looked at my bank account and they ended up taking the money out of my account,” said Hildenbrand. “I called her (my sister-in-law) too, and she said it happened to her too. And they took it out those four times that she did it.”

That's why experts recommend you keep a close eye on your accounts.

A spokesperson for the Oklahoma attorney general's office said in general, if you ever notice any unauthorized charges, first contact the retailer, then your credit card company or bank.  If the issue is not resolved within about a week, you can file a consumer complaint with them.  

Kohl's said they are working reverse the additional charges.

"The third party financial institutions take the next step to reverse the authorizations to customer accounts, according to their organizational guidelines. The time frame for this reversal varies by financial institution. While, in many cases, authorizations have already been reversed, it is our understanding that, on average, most outstanding reversals will be completed in the next few days,” Kohl's said.

Hildenbrand said she was told the money would be back in her account within 24 hours, but so far, it hasn't.

A spokesperson for the Oklahoma attorney general’s office also said if a retailer's mistake ends up costing you money, like in overdraft fees, the retailer is responsible.

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