Valley Brook PD Accused Of Acting Outside Their Jurisdiction

Friday, November 30th 2018, 10:23 pm
By: News 9

The town of Valley Brook found itself in front of an Oklahoma County Judge Friday. 

Attorneys representing some motorists who have been pulled over by Valley Brook Police over the past several months say those stops were illegal. 

Attorneys Marvel Lewis and Jeff Box say Valley Brook Police have a long-standing practice of arresting motorists on a stretch of Southeast 59th Street that is actually in Oklahoma City. 

That stretch of roadway is populated by a handful of “Gentlemen’s Clubs.”  

Lewis and Box filed a class action lawsuit against Valley Brook three months ago. 

They say while Valley Brook is a tiny town of less than 800 residents, four percent of all misdemeanor arrests in Oklahoma County come from Valley Brook cops. 

However, Judge Aletia Haynes Timmons ruled against Lewis and Box’s motion Friday to dismiss an obstruction charge against one of their clients.  She said neither side in the dispute could say exactly where that original arrest took place.   

Lewis says he’ll see Valley Brook again in court soon.

“I think they have taken advantage of what they argued here today.  I think they’ve hidden behind that statement, and have taken advantage of nobody challenging that.  So yes, they did get a lot of revenue from traffic stops along SE 59th street no doubt,” Lewis said. 

In September, just after Lewis and Box filed their class action lawsuit, Valley Brook Attorney Ray Vincent told News 9's Steve Shaw that “an interlocal agreement” between Valley Brook and Oklahoma City allows Valley Brook Police to arrest motorists on streets that border Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma City Clerk told Shaw that was not true.  

After Friday afternoon’s court hearing in Oklahoma City, Vincent challenged Shaw, and denied he ever said that in the first place.