Moore Families Gifted Free Shelters

Monday, December 3rd 2018, 7:12 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Some folks in Moore will be better prepared next tornado season thanks to Moore Crime Stoppers and some local businesses. The group raised money through the “Moore Storm Walk,” to give storm shelters to three families. 

Monday, the first shelter was installed.

It was a holiday delivery Teresa Simpson, a lifelong Moore resident, had been wishing for for years. Especially, when the tornado sirens would go off.

“I just go into the tub or wherever it was, or sometimes just sat there like, ‘Oh boy’,” said Simpson.

Years ago, after a particularly close call, she applied for one of the rebates the Red Cross was offering at the time.

“When the 2013 tornado hit, my middle daughter’s house was hit pretty hard and she was like, ‘Mom we need to sign up, we need to sign up, neither one of us has a shelter,” said Simpson.

But she didn't get it.

Moore Crime Stoppers heard about those like Simpson and last April, with the help of several Moore businesses, held the Moore Storm Walk.  Despite the dreary weather, they raised about $11,000, enough for three shelters.

Terri Madden with Silver Star Construction, one of the companies participating, was able to give Theresa the good news.

“I said, ‘Well we’re going to put a shelter in for you.’ And she cried,” recalled Madden.

Now, Simpson will have a little peace of mind underground the next time skies threaten.

“It’s going to be so much easier. I know that I have something that I can go to. I’m not going to Fret,” said Simpson.

The workers of Moore Storm Walk hope to have a similar walk next year, to help raise more money for storm shelters.