Lawton Shooting Victim Shares Aftermath On Facebook Live

Tuesday, December 4th 2018, 11:11 pm
By: News 9

The aftermath of a Lawton shooting was captured on Facebook Live.

According to officers, just seconds after a shooting last week near Rogers Lane and 40th Street, the victim took to social media, making it difficult for first responders to do their jobs.

When police arrived on scene, the victim Breon Bellamy had already taken to Facebook. And as the first officer on scene worked to stop the bleeding, Bellamy continued to stream his video.

Bellamy: “It’s in my leg, in my leg, in my leg!

Police Officer: “Why do you think it’s in your leg?”

Bellamy: “I know it's in my leg. It’s the second time I’ve been shot in my leg.”

Thanks to social media, Bellamy's friends learned in realtime that he had been shot.

“You see cell phones and things like that a lot of places you go. But, I never thought that in something such as critical of an incident, that something like this would take place. But a different time and age,” said Lawton Police Information Officer Timothy Jenkins.

For the next six minutes while being treated and questioned by police, and even after being loaded into the ambulance, Bellamy continued to document his shooting.

Police Officer: You were on foot or what?

Bellamy: I don’t know. He was on foot.

Police Officer: Black male?

At one point in the video, it appears Bellamy incites a gang retaliation.

Officer Jenkins says as more people become more social media driven, the more first responders are seeing crimes loaded to social media. He says the videos more often than not, make it harder for them to do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

“For one, when we get on the scene, we are already behind the eight ball. Something occurred, and now we are trying to piece it together,” said Officer Jenkins.