Governor Fallin Commutes Sentences of 21 Non-Violent Felons

Wednesday, December 5th 2018, 7:05 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Governor Mary Fallin commuted the sentences of 21 non-violent felons Wednesday. 

Katherine Willis surprised her daughter, Sherry with the call. Sherry is being freed after serving three years of a 20-year sentence for drug possession.

"She lost her father in that time, so, it's emotional for her to come back I wish it would’ve happened when he was alive. But she needs the support. I think she's grown a lot,” said Willis.

The commutations mean the convictions will stand, but their sentences end Wednesday.

"It's not good for the state of Oklahoma to have these people incarcerated for long periods of time that are nonviolent low-level offenders,” said Governor Fallin. “And, I am very excited to have this opportunity to be able to commute these 21 sentences to time served, and to send them home to be with their families and their loved ones."

The governor says the state is heading in the right direction, with the passage of State Questions 780 and 781, reducing sentences for low level non-violent crimes.

"But there's still a thousand people in Oklahoma prisons who are in for low-level drug offenses, who wouldn't be there today if when they had been convicted, 780 would have been in place,” said Governor Fallin.

Fallin became emotional when she told families it’s up to them to give loved ones freed, the support they need to stay clean and succeed.

"As we prepare for this Christmas holiday season, let’s not forget that there is a God of second chances,” said Governor Fallin.

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