Suspect Accused Of Dousing Man With Gas, Setting Home On Fire In SW OKC

Friday, December 7th 2018, 10:30 pm
By: News 9

Metro police are looking for a man accused of dousing a man with gasoline and setting the victim's residence on fire. 

It happened near Southwest 15th Street and Blackwelder Avenue.

Kiontre Rose is currently living in the property along with his brother. He says after hearing some noises outside, he opened his door to a man who tried to set him on fire. 

“He has a regular size gallon of gasoline, and he begins to throw the gas on me and the building,” said Rose.

Rose says the man, someone he recognizes from the neighborhood, then flicked a lighter.

“With me already having the gas on me, I just hurried up and shut the door, because I didn’t want to be running up the street on fire,” said Rose.

Rose says that's when he yelled for his brother James Hawthorne to call 911.

“I told them there’s a fire on the side of the building and I need help,” said Hawthorne.

With the building on fire, Hawthorne says he grabbed a bucket and got to work.

“The water was not coming out as fast as I needed it to. A five-gallon bucket you know, inside a kitchen sink, I’m like, ‘Oh God!” said Hawthorne.

And while he managed to put out the fire, Hawthorne and his brother were relieved to see help arrive.

“They came through, deeper than I ever seen. It was beautiful though. Thank you, firefighters,” said Hawthorne.

Rose says whoever the man is, he wants him arrested. He says just two days ago that man returned and broke out his windows, looking for a woman who wasn't there.

“I just seen glass fall on my room floor. And I see him peeking in like, ‘Where’s she at, where’s she at?’ Like stalker peeping tom stuff,” said Hawthorne.

Police are looking to identify the man and his whereabouts.