Popular Neighborhood Lights Display Hit by Thieves

Saturday, December 8th 2018, 11:30 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

This is the last year of the Markwell Lights. For 11 years now - neighbors on this Oklahoma City Street have synchronized their display with holiday tunes. 

But just within the past week, a vulnerable setup was hit by vandals and a thief.

"We just had some lights that were kind of taken out," said Konnie Nantze, a Markwell neighbor. "The steads out of the ground and strewn about and one disappeared completely just off the street lights."

Neighbors think these people are responsible for messing up some of the lights a week ago, but folks on the block like Konnie Nantze moved past that, continuing to celebrate the visitors and collecting canned goods for Putnam City West from visitors.

But this morning, a table and a box of food were taken.

Nantze said someone in this truck took a bin of canned food and the table it was sitting on, but this neighbor says she isn't sharing this story to shame the criminals.

"If this person was in need, we're glad that we could donate to him, contribute to his needs," said Nantze. "We live in a world... people are hurting. And we don't know what motivates them to do what they do."

Nantze certainly doesn't want to be vandalized or burglarized again, but she says at this point, she's focusing on enjoying the last year of this OKC tradition.

Neighbors say the cans taken have more than been replaced tonight.