Embattled Earlsboro Police Chief Out

Wednesday, December 12th 2018, 6:28 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Earlsboro’s embattled police chief is out of a job. 

Back in October, a News 9 crew took you inside the house Chief Troy Magers and his family rented from William Brandon. It was so bad, News 9 crew members had to wear masks to go inside. 

 "He left my house trashed, full of cockroaches,” said Brandon. “It had dog feces and dog urine all over the carpet. And all kinds of junk. Furniture, trash and everything else inside the house. We spent a week getting all of the stuff out of the house." 

The cockroach infestation was so bad, thousands scurried around the refrigerator when the door was opened. And there were even more on the walls and in cupboards that were filled with rotting food. 

Officer Cody Laughlin, who was suspended, was brought back to head up the police department on an interim basis. He didn’t want to comment either, but says his suspension had nothing to do with an ongoing investigation into hazing in the Earlsboro Junior High boys' athletic program that News 9 first reported on last month.

Mr. Brandon says he’s suing former Chief Magers, trying to recoup some of the thousands of dollars he’s spent cleaning the place up.

"We were so good to those people. We trusted them. I trusted a police chief. Why wouldn't you trust a police officer? He’s supposed to be the one that upholds the law,” said Brandon.

Not anymore. And Brandon says he’s glad to see the chief go.

“I'm tickled. I'm tickled to death,” he said. “Because it's just going to be better for the community.”

As for the hazing investigation, Interim Chief Laughlin says he’s finishing up the report and it will be presented to the district attorney. He says all of those involved are juveniles.