Real Life Grinch Steals From Cops And Kids Christmas Program

Friday, December 14th 2018, 10:48 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

A man was caught on camera stealing a Christmas donation jar from the Cops and Kids fundraiser in Purcell, Monday.

The jar belongs to the Purcell Faternal Order of Police and the proceeds help families who are struggling in the area.

“He goes in, grabs the collection jug and sticks it in his coat, and walks out the door,” said Detective Sgt. Scott Stephens of Purcell Police.

Investigators said the thief might have an accomplice. Officers are still trying to identify the men involved.

Police said the night before the donations were stolen, both men were spotted at the same location. They could also be tied to other crimes at Wal-Mart.

“We believe he was in Wal-mart the night before with the associate. We think they were committing crimes in Wal-mart, which are under investigation also,” said Sgt. Stephens.

Donation jars have been set out for about the past ten years.

Now realizing those jar might be targets, one of Fraternal Order of Police growing fears.

Footage shows the gas station clerk walked away for just a moment, and that’s when the thief made his move.

“We have never had a jar taken during this collection period,” said Sgt. Stephens. “We were also able to obtain from the Wal-mart video of the vehicle that they went to Wal-mart in, and drive right over to murphy's.”

Police believe the getaway vehicle is a silver Ford Escape.

Upon hearing the news of the stolen donations, those in Purcell have volunteered to help make things right.

“We have received a lot of donations. We appreciate that,” said Sgt. Stephens. “We depend on a lot of generous people.”

The Purcell Cops and Kids shopping event is scheduled for Saturday morning.

28 children have been chosen this year, and every dollar counts.

Police are still trying to find the men involved.

They are described as white, in their late 20’s to mid-30’s.

If you have any information, please call Purcell Police.



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