Human Waste Flows Through OKC Neighborhood

Tuesday, December 18th 2018, 9:22 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Michel Benedict lives off Peebly Road, near Newalla, and on Sunday she walked outside to find a strange sludge in her front yard.

There was a sign relating to an oil pipeline nearby.

“Called the number on the pipeline there, and they responded immediately. The supervisor, upon his investigation, informed me, this isn't crude oil running through the yard. This is human waste,” said Benedict.

She said she discovered her neighbor had dumped their septic tank improperly.

Benedict lives downhill from the spill. Waste was seeping into a drainage ditch, and has since sifted into the water supply.

The Department of Environmental Quality is now involved.

The agency released this statement:

“DEQ received a complaint on the issue in Newalla yesterday. DEQ staff went to the site upon receiving the complaint and determined a violation had occurred and issued the septic system owner a warning letter. The discharge had ceased by the time our staff arrived on site."

Benedict said she was told to keep her animals away from the spill. She adds that she planned on inviting family over for Christmas, but those plan have been canceled.

“I can't let them here. I can't. I won't,” said Benedict.

The victim said the homeowner who improperly disposed of the waste will be held financially responsible.

She adds that she never got an apology.