Customers Accuse OKC Online Seller Of Scamming Them

Saturday, December 29th 2018, 11:02 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

A local man is accused of running a scam by some of his online customers.

One customer, Brooke Black, says she took to the internet in November, searching for someone to fix her son’s four wheeler for Christmas.

Black says she stumbled upon a man in Oklahoma City who claimed to fix items with small motors.

“We found him on Facebook. We didn't do any research or anything like that,” Black said.

After considering her options, Black says she gave the man $150 and dropped the four wheeler off at his home. However, Black says the man began making excuses of why he wasn’t finished with the repairs.

“The beginning of December was when it was supposed to be fixed, and then that's when I started asking about it and it wasn't getting fixed at all,” Black said.

That's when she discovered the four wheeler’s parts for sale on the man's Facebook.

“It's heartbreaking because now he had nothing for Christmas,” Black said of her son.

She then took to Facebook herself, connecting with other users who claim they were scammed by the same man.

A quick search shows the man has posted several items for sale on Facebook and the app, Let Go.

His profiles have both positive and negative reviews, with several commenters also claiming they've been scammed.

“I was devastated because it's not only us that it's happening to. It's other people too,’ she said. 

Black says Johnny Ramsey is the man she was trying to do business with,

According to the Department of Corrections records, Ramsey has served time in the past for stolen property, grand larceny, and burglary charges.

News 9 contacted Johnny Ramsey for comment through his Facebook page, but he says he has been advised not to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, Black says she plans to file a lawsuit.

“I just hope we get our money and four wheeler back,” Black said.

The Better Business Bureau provides tips for people doing business online at their website.

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