Owner Takes Back Front Loader Stolen From OKC Construction Site

Tuesday, January 1st 2019, 10:35 pm

A huge front loader stolen from an Oklahoma City construction site has been found.

The owner said thieves took his property a few weeks ago, but with help from News 9 and our Bonnie Campo, he took it back.

The owner posted a reward for the capture of the thief and return of his Cat 950G. We ran his story in late December. Within a few days, he got a tip.

“They told me where the machine, where they thought it was at, and that I should go and see if it was the same machine,” said Wayne Null.

Wayne had reported the CAT 950G stolen on December the 6th to Oklahoma City Police. Weighing nearly 50,000 pounds and valued at around $70,000, he was shocked it had been stolen and driven right off the construction lot. Getting a phone call that someone spotted the front-loader had him floored.

“I would have not have placed a bet on getting it back, to be honest with you. You always hope for the best,” said Null.

Wayne did his own detective work, rolling up on a lot south of Yukon near Highway 92. He filmed from the road, slowly approaching the equipment. He looked around for construction signs or a number to contact but says he didn't find any.

When Wayne verified the equipment was his, he said he jumped in the driver's seat.

“In this case, I had one of my employees come to where I was at, after I checked the machine out, making sure it was operable. I had them follow me,” said Null. “It was huge. I am very grateful to you and channel 9 for taking an interest in it.”

Null said he happily paid the reward money to the tipster and has since up'd security measures around his construction site. He also called Oklahoma City Police to tell them he found his property.



","published":"2019-01-02T04:35:42.000Z","updated":"2019-01-02T05:54:02.000Z","summary":"A huge front loader stolen from an Oklahoma City construction site has been found.