State Processes More Than 30,000 Medical Marijuana Licenses

Wednesday, January 2nd 2019, 6:22 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

The state has processed more than 30,000 medical marijuana licenses and has brought in millions of dollars because of it. 

Helen Conley, of Oklahoma City, is battling cancer, and is using medical marijuana to wean herself off opioids.

"First thing I thought is I haven't smoked in years. Really don't want to have the smell in my house. I'm a grown lady. But I'm also taking pain medicine that if I don't take, I get sick. I don't like that, so, I'm trying to find a way to replace it,” said Conley.

Conley says since she started using medical marijuana in October, she has been able to lower her dosage of opioids.

Conley is not alone. Demand for medical marijuana is growing like, well, a weed.

"A lot of people are really, really upset with the medical industry basically taking advantage of them,” said Elijah Malachi X Mothershed Bey, owner of Cannabis Aid in Oklahoma City. “And they want something that's actually going to heal their body and not just treat the symptom."

As of December 31, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has received 33,099 patient and 2,762 business applications. It has approved 26,603 patient and 2,610 business applications.

"So, the difference between what's been approved and what's been received, is simply those are applications that have not yet been processed, or they've been rejected or rarely they've been denied. But that's pretty rare that we deny an application,” said Melissa Miller of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

The state is also issuing temporary medical marijuana licenses to people who hold valid licenses in other states.

"What that allows someone to do is, if they do have a valid medical marijuana license from another state, they can apply for a temporary license with us. It lasts for 30 days, and that authorizes them, while they're here in the state of Oklahoma, to purchase grow and use medical marijuana,” said Miller.

2019 is expected to see fewer business licenses as patients begin growing their own marijuana.

"Markets always regulate themselves. And in any market where there's any boom, there's always going to be a potential for over saturation,” said Malachi X Mothershed Bey.

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