Edmond Schools Start Social Media Awareness Campaign

Thursday, January 10th 2019, 6:05 pm
By: News 9

Edmond Public Schools is beginning the New Year with a new initiative. It is aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of posting certain things on social media. 

The district’s initiative is called #ThinkBeforeYouPost, and it mirrors the FBI’s campaign that they started last year. It was created to educate students and parents about the consequences that can occur as a result of posting and/or reposting things like hoax threats, obscene photos of themselves or others, bullying and hate speech. 

“This isn't something new that we haven't said to our kids before. But I think as an initiative for the actual district and for our schools, it’s really important,” Cheyenne Middle School Principal Michelle Grinsteiner said.

Just in the past year, Edmond has seen a rise in the number of hoax school threats using social media. And each post had to be fully investigated to determine its credibility.

Edmond Public Schools will work with Edmond police officers, who will give presentations to students.

"We're going to use some case studies. We've taken some actual incidents, changed some names, changed some scenarios, so we're not pointing at anybody's mistakes. And we're going to show them the right way and wrong way to do things,” Lt. Derick Pickard, with the Edmond Police Department, said.

They will also speak to students about their digital footprint, and how to report any safety concerns properly without the use of social media.

“Just like with anything, if you don't show someone how to use them correctly, then it's left up to them to decide how to use it,” Lt. Pickard said.

“We always tell our students, you know if you see something say something. Say something to an adult. Say something to the police department. But not through social media. Because we want to make sure we have accurate information,” Grinsteiner said.

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