No Charges Involving Lindsay Schools, As New Death Threats Reported

Wednesday, January 16th 2019, 10:49 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

LINDSAY-The Chief of Police released the department’s report today involving two alleged hitlists found at Lindsay Middle School.

Chief Clint Wood said based on what they discovered, no findings will be presented to the district attorney’s office.


The police report states on December 17th, two sixth grade girls were caught writing the hitlist in class by another student.

The title of the list was "People I want to Kill" and was reported to the principal.

There were 34 names in total from both lists, and some were duplicate names.

Police said the hitlists originally went unreported, and they did not discover the threats until after Christmas break, on January 7th.

The girls were suspended according to the district.

Soon after, one of the girls was arrested by the Garvin County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies report she made a verbal threat to another child while the two were at church.

We talked to that victim's mother by phone.

“My daughter told the girl she was crazy, and the girl told my daughter, ‘Well I'll make another list and I'm going to add your name to it and I'm going to kill you."

Chief Woods could not comment on that arrest as it is out of his jurisdiction.

However, he did add that the girls would not be cited for the threats at school.

Also, the school district will not be cited for its failure to report.

“I think they have faced the repercussions from the citizens, but as far as criminally, there will be no repercussions,” said Chief Wood.

He said the school is now focused on a new issue.

Since the news broke of the original threats, new death threats are being made every day at LPS.

Wood said the are averaging three calls a day to the school.

“Since the original report, we have had more students that have been making similar comments,” he said. “They are using words that get our attention: kill, murder, bomb, those are the kinds of words that are being used by the kids.”

Parents planned a prayer walk for their community.

So far, none of the alleged threats appear to be credible.

The police chief said that it appears this all started because of bullying at the school.

Chief Woods said he and the district will host assemblies to teach students that their actions have consequences.

We reached out to the district for their comment, but have not heard back.