Lots Of Firsts During Beginning Month Of Service For OKC Streetcars

Thursday, January 17th 2019, 8:12 am

It's been about a month since the streetcars started running in downtown Oklahoma City.

So far almost 95,000 people have tried out the streetcars, however those rides are still free. The streetcar was only supposed to be free to passengers until the first week of January, but the offer was extended.

Michael Scroggins with Embark says this past month has been one of firsts. That includes the first inclement weather, the first incident involving a car, and all those passengers riding for the first time.

Again, some things will be changing soon such as the decision to keep or do away with Sunday service should be coming soon. Also, people will have to pay $1 to ride the streetcar starting February 2nd, and this is something Embark wants people to be prepared for.

"Those fares help recover the cost of operating the system on our buses," said Scroggins. "We have $1, but the actual cost is actually closer to $7, so you pay definitely a much lower cost for a service that's providing transit options." 


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