Candidates Upset Over Campaign To Re-Elect Late Mayor In Edmond

Tuesday, January 22nd 2019, 5:23 pm
By: Karl Torp

The Mayor's race in an Edmond has turned controversial due to the campaign for a man who is dead. 

Mayor Charles Lamb filed to run for re-election in December before he passed away a week later. He had been Edmond’s mayor since 2011.

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Lamb’s name is still on the ballot for the February 12th primary.

The Facebook page called "VoteForCharles" urges people to still vote for Lamb, because if he advances in the primary and wins the general election in April, Edmond City Council will appoint the next mayor.

The website claims many qualified candidates didn’t file to run before the deadline out of respect for Mayor Lamb. 

It’s unclear who started the Facebook page. 

The two other candidates for Edmond mayor feel an appointment by Edmond City Council would be wrong.

“There just nothing about what they are proposing that Charles would endorse and that's the Charles Lamb I've known since 1995,” says Candidate Dan O’Neil, a former Edmond mayor.

O’Neil feels the Facebook page isn’t just about honoring a legacy of public service, but politics as well.

“If he wins, I say have another election rather than the appointment from city council,” says candidate Richard Pradzienski.

Both the candidates say the city needs to change the rule about city council appointing a mayor.