Emotions High As OU Faculty, Students Demand Change In Response To Racist Video

Tuesday, January 22nd 2019, 7:34 pm
By: News 9

A rally meant to be focused on respectful rhetoric took a turn on the University of Oklahoma campus Tuesday afternoon, as some faculty members and students called for the president to step down. 

This comes after a racist video featuring two now-former students circulated through campus -- for the second time in recent years.

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Now members of the student body are asking for a stronger response.

“Focus on the real problems. Focus on the fact that black students do not feel welcome here. Not y’all personal problems,” said one student.

About a dozen students and faculty members stood in front of the crowd to speak out against the racist video and other similar incidents that have happened in the past on campus.

“This is also systematic racism, that I think the university has failed to address. Especially, in the first address given by the president of this university. When he didn't even call this event a racist event. And by doing that, it opens up a window for repeating this kind of behavior,” said Eduardo Campbell, an international student and the rally’s organizer.

President Gallogly later acknowleged their pain and frustration.

“And I've sat here in this chair and listened to people point at me, look at me, tell me things. (pause) And some of those things are my responsibility. And I have a duty to lead our university to a better place. And I am prepared to do that, I am here to do that. And I ask for your help to do that... We're seeing right now,” said Gallogly.

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Despite Gallogly's remarks, there have been multiple calls for him to step down from his role as president of the university.