Multiple Suspects Accused In Over 100 Crimes After Search Of OKC RV Park

Tuesday, January 22nd 2019, 11:38 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Investigators have identified the thieves behind a large theft operation in Oklahoma County. 

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office said this is one of the largest cases they’ve worked in recent memory.

Deputies said Randall Templett, Troy Aumann, Michael Aumann and Wendy Aumann all face a variety of crimes.

Two weeks ago, a marijuana grow, weapons, a live bobcat and thousands of dollars-worth of stolen property was found at the home.

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It is estimated $100,000 in property was seized from the home, according to investigators.

Deputies said that when they tried to search the property, the owner of Red Barn refused to be involved.

“Before we even made entry to any of the places, we tried to contact the owner, and he wouldn't come out. He told one of the investigators on the phone, I know if I come out there, I am going to jail,” said Oklahoma County Sheriff Sgt. Paul Harmon.

Deputies said they later found, "20 credit cards, 34 drivers licenses, 16 social security cards," that did not belong to the suspects.

Furniture that had been fraudulently purchased from "Mathis Brothers" was also recovered from the scene.

Then out back, deputies said they recovered a John Deer tractor and trailer, and a zero-turn mower worth thousands of dollars.

That’s when they noticed a horse that was old and appeared to have been injured. The horse was later euthanized, and its owner is now accused with a complaint of cruelty to animals.

Of the 94 complaints, Randall Templett faces the bulk of accusations, 49 in total. Troy Aumann has 22 complaints listed in the probable cause affidavits. The other suspects face less than 10 complaints each.

“One couldn't have done something without the other knowing because of how it was set-up,” said Sgt. Harmon.

An attorney for Aumann said, "We maintain Mr. Aumann's innocence and do not believe these PC affidavits will result in charges by the district attorney's office. It's up to their discretion to charge or not, and we do not believe they will, at least not to this extent.”