OKC Apartment Complex Will Still 'Stand By' Federal Workers After Government Shutdown Ends

Friday, January 25th 2019, 9:40 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

The government shut down is over, at least for now. 

President Donald Trump reached deal with Congress and endorsed a short-term plan to reopen the government until February 15.

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As federal negotiations continue, News 9 tried to find out what the next three weeks will hold for some Oklahomans.

The Regional Food Bank was one of the organizations that stepped-up to help.

As well as Isola Bella, which offers corporate housing and hotels. The manager said they offered one-cent rent to FAA students during the shutdown.


“We would just tell them, we are in it together. We didn't expect it to go on this long, but it did. We will stand by them,” said General Manager Kristy Koon. “Talk is cheap, and so we are going to make sure we continue to follow through with out promise to them.”

Isola Bella estimates the shutdown cost them around $275,000. They add they are happy to absorb that cost, but it did come with cut-backs to their own staff.

“In order to keep this going, roughly 20 to 25 employees. We have had to cut some employees who were 40 hours a week, down to 30 hours a week,” Koon said.

She added her staff were very understanding of the situation, and that they made a commitment to federal workers. The company hopes to see revenue come back in now that the partial shutdown is over.

“Hopefully, our guest will come back to us. We're hoping it will be a quick start-up with the FAA Academy. We're thinking maybe one week at the most, they might be able to amp stuff back up,” said Michelle Falls, the FAA Director of the property.

Friday, President Trump seemed confident in border security negotiations. However, he could still declare a national emergency if Democrats don't come to the table.

In total, about 800,000 government workers went without pay for more than a month.

One anonymous contractor at the FAA center said, "I'm glad it is over so that the federal people can get paid."

But that worker is concerned of what will happen in the weeks regarding unemployment benefits.

If the government was to shut down again, Isola Bella said they will continue to help federal workers.

Koon said that these clients are like family.

“We have about 102 right now, that are taking advantage of what we are doing. But, the ones that aren't here, we miss them. We want them to get back to their normal livelihood,” she said.

Many workers said they are still processing this, and they will get through it one day at a time.

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