Police Investigating After Edmond Medical Marijuana Dispensary Burglarized

Tuesday, January 29th 2019, 6:05 pm

Edmond police are hoping surveillance video will help them figure out who broke into a medical marijuana dispensary. They say it's the first time this has happened in Edmond. 

According to the police report, the thieves were able to make off with several thousands of dollars-worth of marijuana, but no cash was stolen. It appears the thieves tried to use a rock to break the glass, when that didn't work they broke open the doors and grabbed what they could inside.

“There were a few samples left out and they were able to take those,” said owner Corbin Wyatt. “They actually spilled most of it and that is what they made off with in the end.”

Most of the product was locked inside a safe room. The dispensary also has security cameras. One was ripped off the wall.

Wyatt says they will be increasing security by putting a cage on the front doors and hiring a security company. He says he’ll also be locking all the merchandise away at night.

The Edmond Police Department says they have several dispensaries that have opened in the city. Many have asked for help with keeping things safe.

“For the moment, it’s a cash business. And the product that’s inside it, it could be a hot target for a while,” said Edmond Police Spokesperson Jenny Wagon.

Edmond PD says that surveillance video is likely the key to figuring out who did this. But Wyatt says he's going to try and make sure no one else has the opportunity.

“It looked like it was an unorganized effort, and the new deterrents will help prevent this in the future,” said Wyatt.

Wyatt says he would like the legislature to establish security standards for dispensaries.

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