Edmond Artist Accused Of Stealing From Storage Unit

Wednesday, January 30th 2019, 10:13 pm
By: News 9

An Edmond artist is accused of stealing thousands of dollars in property. Police body cameras captured his arrest last week after he was caught stealing from storage lockers.  

According to police, Jeff Shoemake led his victim straight to him and his property, after posting it for sale online.

After his storage units were broken into in December, Brett McWilliams started searching the internet for his belongings.

“He picked probably the one item that he should not have posted up there,” said McWilliams.

While on Facebook Marketplace, he stumbled across a rotating Crown Royal Budweiser sign, and he knew it was his.

“There was only one in the world like that, because I made it,” said McWilliams.

He reached out to the seller, Shoemake, eventually confronting him over the phone.

“I think you had something to do with it or you know who did it, and I want my stuff back or I’m going to call the cops,” said McWilliams.  

Having no idea police would be tagging along, Shoemake agreed to meet with McWilliams and to return to the items. 

That encounter took place just moments before police moved in to make an arrest.

Police Cam: “What are you doing out here man?”

Shoemake: “Meeting this gentleman.”

Police Cam: “For what?”

Shoemake: “We're just talking about his storage unit.”

McWilliams then realized he knew the man.

“I'd wave to him, he'd wave, and he even invited me to one of his art shows,” said McWilliams.

The two often ran into each other at the storage unit that doubled as Shoemake's art studio.

“The artwork was so big that he would work in the roadway. He was always outside,” said McWilliams.  

Shoemake was often seen creating art from pieces he salvaged.

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“I said why did you do it? And he basically said he relapsed and felt terrible about it when he found out it was my stuff,” said McWilliams.  

McWilliams recovered most of his property, including a custom saddle handed down from his grandfather.


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