Budweiser's Super Bowl Ad Has Oklahoma Ties

Sunday, February 3rd 2019, 9:09 am

Super Bowl Sunday is not only the biggest day for football but also for commercials. 

Budweiser's ad this year is likely to have everyone talking.  At the very end of the commercial Budweiser says it's beer is now brewed with wind power.  That wind power is generated in Oklahoma.

As the wind sweeps down the plains of Northern Oklahoma, for 22 miles east to west across Noble, Kay and Garfield Counties, it's harnessed and turned into electricity by the turbines that dominate the landscape of the Thunder Ranch Wind farm.

“I think there may be a tie to the Thunder Basketball team in there,” said sight supervisor Austin Jones when asked where the name came from. “But we do have a lot of storms that tear through here too so that’s appropriate.”

Thunder Ranch has 120 turbines and on a windy day produces enough electricity to power 100,000 homes.  The wind farm also generates enough electricity to brew every Budweiser in the United States according to the brewer that committed to buying wind energy from Thunder Ranch before it even went online.

In addition to Sunday’s Super Bowl commercial, Budweiser says it is donating enough clean energy credits from the Thunder Ranch wind farm to power the Superbowl and the entire City of Atlanta for six days.  

“It’s exciting to be able to tie our wind farm here near Marland Oklahoma to the Super Bowl, the most watched sporting event in the United States,” said Jones.

","published":"2019-02-03T15:09:37.000Z","updated":"2019-02-04T13:59:39.000Z","summary":"Superbowl Sunday is not only the biggest day for football but also for commercials.