Second Phase Of Edmond Transportation Update Begins

Monday, February 4th 2019, 5:32 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

The second phase of construction for Edmond’s “Intelligent Transportation System” began Monday. 

This new phase will take about a year but should alleviate the headaches caused by some outdated traffic signals for years to come.

“Essentially what it is, is a fiber optic network that connects a lot of our traffic signals,” Edmond Public Information Officer Casey Moore said, describing the system.

Moore says this means engineers will be able to control the traffic signals in conjunction, rather than manually fixing, changing or monitoring individual signals.

This system was set up along 2nd Street last year. 

Now, work has begun to connect Broadway, Danforth and Covell Road signals all to the main control hub.   

“We hope that it makes things safer. Each of these intersections has cameras so we can monitor the traffic flow if there's a problem,” Moore said.

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Along with cameras, drivers will notice new flashing yellow turn lights, and pedestrians will be able to listen for a new signal system.

According to Moore, Edmond is the first city in Oklahoma to install the new system.

“There will be some temporary lane closures, workers in the area. So, we just tell people to pay attention and be mindful and patient,” Moore said.

There will be a phase three of the project, possibly with some downtown lights and signals incorporated.

An exact schedule for that has not yet been set, according to Moore.