Police Seize Drugs, Weapons And Stolen Property From Alleged OKC 'Chop Shop'

Wednesday, February 6th 2019, 5:41 pm
By: News 9

A tip about drug activity at a metro business uncovered much more. Oklahoma City police discovered a chop shop and made two arrests in connection to the illegal business. 

The department's Santa Fe IMPACT unit raided the automotive business located near Southwest 29th Street and South Meridian Avenue last week. They seized thousands of dollars in drugs, weapons and stolen property.

The owners of a stripped-down Chevy Nova and several Harley motorcycles now know where their property went. The reported stolen goods were discovered inside the business.  

Police had information that 38-year-old Levi Garretson and 31-year-old Skye Munoz were possibly selling drugs at the business. A search warrant allowed police inside the building to investigate.

The raid uncovered a bag containing four ounces of meth and 23 grams of marijuana. But it did not stop there, police found weapons and ammo.

“Three rifles, a pistol,” said Officer Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department. “And several thousand dollars in cash.”

A search of the arrested suspects’ backgrounds revealed Garretson has a long criminal history. He has done prison time for trafficking drugs and illegally owning firearms. 

The person who owns the building did not want to speak on camera. She said Garretson does not rent the building and she had no idea illegal activity was going on.

While the sign on the front door indicated the shop was closed, someone did come to the door on Wednesday wearing a welder mask, and several cars left the parking lot.  

Police are now in the process of connecting the stolen items to their rightful owners but said due to tampering, some of the parts may stay in the evidence room.

“The VIN numbers were on some of the items, and on some of the items the VIN numbers were actually altered,” said Morgan. “I don’t know if all of the items have been placed back with their owners or not.”

Garretson faces nine complaints stemming from the raid, and Munoz was arrested and jailed on one complaint of possession of meth.