Mother's Boyfriend Attacks Son With Machete In Grady County

Wednesday, February 6th 2019, 10:55 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

On Saturday night, Mario Jake Watson was sitting at home with his mother in the living room. He said the two were having a conversation, when he was attacked by his mother’s boyfriend Ernie Norman. 

Watson said Norman was drunk, and before he picked up the blade, Norman pulled his pants down and was very aggressive.

“He starts exposing himself to me, ya know? Just crazy. I was like are you alright? He had been drinking a lot,” said Watson.

He said Norman had threatened him and his mother before, but he didn’t expect him to grab the machete.

Watson said he knew he had to protect himself and grabbed a pipe to block the blows. Then, he said he barricaded himself in the bedroom and eventually escaped.

“He chased me all the way to the car. Good thing I got in there, and got the key in the hole, and everything. I was afraid he would bust the window out, and then he had me. Then, he had me where he could really go to work on me,” said Watson. “I bled, my car is still full of blood. I know my room was full of blood.”

Watson was cut severely on his finger and stomach. He said he was able to drive himself to the hospital.

Staff then called the sheriff’s office, and deputies went to find Norman.

“He was in the bedroom, went in and contacted him, and took him into custody,” said Undersheriff Phil Blevins.

Watson will have to have surgery on his hand, and he will not be able to work.

Watson said he was trying to protect his mother from the violence. But after he left, he said Norman continued to harass her.

“He threatened her. He was gonna [sic] cut-up her furniture,” said Watson. “I told him, you're not going to treat my mom that way anymore.”

Watson has filed a protective order against his alleged attacker. He said his mother had previously tried to get Norman to move out following a pattern of violence.

Norman is still in jail and is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. His bond is set at $50,000.